A Measure of Success

How well is your rewards program working?

With Xceleration, you can always keep an eye on the metrics that are important to you.

Program Activity

Track up-to-date program activity to see what's working best for your program.

With RewardStation, it's a snap to generate standard reports. Or, just tell us what you'd like to track, and we'll customize a report for you.

Sales Analytics

When it comes to marketing, everyone's always talking about "the channel."

Rely on Xceleration to help you track various sales channels and generate meaningful, segmented reports, so you can spot and analyze trends, highlight anomalies, and address issues and opportunities.


Who's reading your messages?

Who's clicking through? Which pages are most visited? With Xceleration, you'll always know- giving you the information you need to make program adjustments mid-stream, and better understand your audience.