Measuring Success

Is your rewards program working?

We help answer that question with the analytics and metrics that are important to you, readily available on an easy-to-read dashboard, or delivered regularly via email.

Track Your Program's Success

The data you need to succeed.

A robust suite of standard reports is available to help you determine how your programs and initiatives are performing, and what areas may need some attention. Based on your definition of success, we can tailor custom reports to pinpoint specific areas of opportunity.

Sales Data and Analytics

Recognize trends and improve performance.

The ability to partition sales trends, develop program and individual performance reports by team, region or department lets you easily identify opportunities for improvement. Granular data displayed in individual dashboards helps keep your team engaged and focused on reaching sales goals.

Monitor Engagement

Who’s engaged, and who needs some encouragement?

Detailed reports showing which demographics are highly engaged, and which may need some encouragement allow you to accurately determine where to concentrate your efforts. Specific reports can be assigned to your management team according to their role, so they see only the information that helps them do their job.