A modern approach to Service Milestone Awards

With Xceleration and RewardStation®, build a Service Anniversary Recognition program that hits all the right notes – with meaningful, exciting awards for any audience.

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Communication at work.

Timely e-mail reminders help managers celebrate service milestones, and automatic point awards & congratulatory messages ensure your team is rewarded on time.

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Personal, meaningful, and tangible.

Personalized physical, virtual, and printable certificates, desk awards, and gifts help employees feel proud of their accomplishments.


Curated award catalogs.

Modernized & Customized Service Milestone Award catalogs offer a wide selection of meaningful, appealing award options for any employee.

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Integrated with your systems.

RewardStation® integrates with your HR Information System to seamlessly commemorate your team’s years of service.


Rewarding Works!

Rewarding your team for their commitment to your business is just one component of a healthy recognition program. Enhancing motivation, performance, engagement, and retention is meaningful and valuable. And it doesn't have to be complicated.

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Employee demonstrates desirable behaviors, or reaches a service milestone.

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Employee is recognized and rewarded by manager or peer.

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The value of high performance is reinforced, and the employee becomes motivated to continue to elevate their level of achievement.

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Employee redeems accumulated points for meaningful rewards from your company’s curated catalog.

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Employee experience is enhanced, resulting in higher engagement, performance and retention. Cycle repeats.

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