Your company loves a motivated sales person, but are you moving your entire sales force forward?

A proper sales program not only challenges your top two percent but motivates every member of your sales force to improve their personal performance.

Move the Masses

Sales is more competitive than ever, making motivating your entire sales force critical to your success.

The challenges of shifting territories and shrinking markets can be alleviated by an effective sales incentive program. This encourages extra effort by motivating everyone to improve, not just the top performers. As their performance trends upward so does your revenue.

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Cash No Longer #1

Studies show sales from teams motivated by tangible rewards are as much as 50% more than teams offered cash bonuses.

When a cash incentive is deposited directly into an employee’s bank account, more often than not, it gets used for practical purposes and is all but forgotten.

Having tangible rewards in mind motivates your team to make those extra sales calls at the end of the day. Receiving these rewards creates a lasting impression and a positive psychological connection to your company.

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Turnover is Expensive

The price of replacing a top-performing sales person can be as much as 200 percent of their annual salary.

Among the top reasons sales people leave are an inconsistent compensation package and a lack of professional development and motivation. This is where a top-shelf incentive program can be a team saver.

Offering your sales team timely, desirable rewards and tools to be effective is critical to their motivation. Keeping your team engaged, knowledgable and successful positions your company as an organization top talent will want to be a part of.

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Stand Out from the Pack

If a distributor isn't motivated to sell your product, it doesn't matter how great it is.

An effective incentive program makes distributors want to reach for your product first, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Cash bonus programs require manual tracking and tend to have slow payouts – reps may have forgotten they earned the reward by the time they receive it.

A program featuring immediate rewards, online tracking and quick payouts enhances your representatives’ motivation to sell your brand and keeps your company top of mind when it’s time to make a sale.

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Training and Collateral in One Place

All the motivation in the world won't matter if your sales team is unprepared.

Keeping your team educated and engaged with your products, programs and promotions is likely one of your biggest challenges. A true world-class incentive program includes a communications portal that educates and equips your team with the knowledge they need in an interesting, accessible and rewarding way. All of your collateral, efficiently stored in one central location, gives them access at a moment’s notice to respond to the needs of the client and close the sale.

Rewarding Works!

The most effective sales incentive programs utilize the "Cycle of Motivation," the internal process that guides behavior.

Salesperson reaches goal or engages in training activity.

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Salesperson is rewarded with instant payout.

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The value of high performance is reinforced, and the salesperson becomes motivated to continue to elevate his/her level of achievement.

As a result of increased engagement, performance and retention, company revenue grows.

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Cycle repeats.


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