Direct Selling Incentives

Inspire your entire network of direct sellers.

Why aim to motivate only the top 2-3% of performers, when you can inspire entire networks of direct sellers? With Xceleration at your side, you can sell more, earn more, and create the kind of corporate culture that attracts and retains top talent.

How it works

Sell more, earn more, and create a corporate culture that attracts and retains top talent. Here's how, and why, an Xceleration direct sales program works.

Start a program sprint, communicating goals, rewards, and deadlines.

Participants set goals to earn month milestone rewards.

Sales grow as participants earn points & achieve goals.

Excitement- and motivation- increases with reward values

End sprint. Recognize top achievers. Team on "go" for next sprint.

Personalized Participant Dashboards

Communication is key to your successful direct sales incentive program. With Xceleration, your participants can quickly track their progress which spurs them to reach the next milestone.

Rewards That Keep Direct Sellers Clamoring

For direct sellers, it's all about the rewards, so we work with you to curate a one-of-a-kind reward catalog that exemplifies your brand and boosts participation. Exclusive name brands? Customized? Branded packaging, engraving, and imprinting? Yes, yes, and yes. With Xceleration, the answer is always a resounding "yes."

Xceleration. Your Partner In Details.

When you work with Xceleration, you can count on us to tend to every single detail. Every. Single. Detail.

We don't just handle fulfillment. Every time a reward is shipped, we notify the lucky participant. We provide tracking information with a date of when to expect the reward. And of course, there's always customer service- with a real and caring human- to answer questions.

Data Integration and Single Sign-On

Is this starting to sound like you might need to reserve your IT resources? Yes and No.

Yes, we want to work within your infrastructure and align with your internal policies and procedures for security and data privacy. But no, this will not turn into a huge implementation for your IT department. Our IT team has worked with organizations large and small to securely integrate user and activity data from your internal systems, allowing users to access your program site using existing credentials. Seamless integration of available data and authentications is our number one, behind-the-scenes goal.

Move the Masses.

Millions of dollars of potential revenue are left on the table when a direct sales incentive program only targets the top 2-3%.

Imagine if every rep pushed harder, sold more and attracted more talent to your network? It would make a big difference to your organization's revenues and growth. Our program will help you mobilize your entire network.