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“Winning the Recovery” in 2021

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2020 challenged every business, regardless of industry and size, in ways we could never have anticipated.  It became necessary to adapt, think creatively and focus on “what matters most” so that we could not just survive, but thrive.   Many companies quickly realized that a healthy, motivated, and engaged workforce would be essential to navigating through a difficult year.

Now, as we shift our focus to 2021 as a year of recovery, how do we take what we’ve learned and apply it successfully to our business?  How do we apply the concepts of rewards and recognition to “win the recovery?”

  • Motivation and Mindset: How do you get your employees motivated and in the right mindset for a strong start to 2021?  Make them feel appreciated.  Recognize and reward them – and do so consistently, meaningfully, and timely.
  • Focus on Engaging the Remote Workforce: “Going remote” was perhaps the most immediate change brought on by the pandemic.  And for many businesses, remote work is now a permanent fixture for employees.  It is therefore critical to continue to make a genuine and concerted effort to engage these teams, creating a culture of recognition that works wherever your employees do.
  • Empower Employees to Recognize Peer Performance: Peers recognizing peers for their success makes a profound impact.  It conveys mutual respect, boosts satisfaction and morale, and it inspires confidence and hard work.  Employees who are empowered to recognize each other will help create a positive, supportive work environment that can help propel your business through any challenge.

In 2020, employees were forced to adapt and develop new methods of collaboration, while staying motivated and productive. Is your company prepared in 2021 to effectively reward and recognize your employees that are focused on the recovery to propel your business to new heights?

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