4 Employee Rewards Trends We Expect for 2021

As we all observed over the past year, the business world is inextricably linked to the larger world around it.  As we encounter new challenges, practices change.  As we adapt to those changes, trends emerge.  2021 is off to an interesting and optimistic start.  For many, a small light at the end of the long […]

“Winning the Recovery” in 2021

2020 challenged every business, regardless of industry and size, in ways we could never have anticipated.  It became necessary to adapt, think creatively and focus on “what matters most” so that we could not just survive, but thrive.   Many companies quickly realized that a healthy, motivated, and engaged workforce would be essential to navigating through […]

Service Milestone Awards – How to Create Lasting Loyalty in Your Workforce

Service Award Recognitoon

Companies have been recognizing employee service anniversaries for decades – and for good reason. Employees who stay with companies for many years highlight the best parts of that company’s culture: loyalty, engagement, and passion for their work. When employees feel seen and valued by their leadership, they are more likely to maintain loyalty to their […]

Engaging a Suddenly Remote Workforce

Engaging a Remote Workforoce

Management teams across the world are focused on their Business Continuity plans to ensure continuous operations for their employees, partners and clients. A large portion of these efforts involve asking the majority, if not all, of their employees to work remotely. While most companies already have work from home policies in effect, transitioning an entire […]

Managing a Modern Workforce: Is Your Employee Recognition Strategy Agile?

Agile Employee Recognition Strategy

Successful companies learn to adapt their business strategies to tackle new  challenges and market  opportunities  they  encounter.  Even the most targeted business plans evolve over   time,   impacted   by   continued   analysis of ongoing success and many times, failure. Mention “business strategy” and most people will envision a company’s direction for product development, sales and marketing. However, […]