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How Your Leaders Can Empower Recognition

Employee recognition is crucial when it comes to company culture and workplace environment. Unfortunately, it’s an aspect of effective management that many leaders often neglect, much to the detriment of workflow and office morale. A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 79% of employees reported that recognition makes them work harder, a testament to the fact that an encouraging and rewarding environment yields productive results. Furthermore, Forbes found that companies that recognized their employees far outperformed those that did not.

Let’s face it: leaders should instill a culture of recognition if they want the best for their employees and their companies. However, the proper way of creating this work environment might not be apparent to managers and owners who have not implemented these strategies. Below we will explore different approaches guaranteed to foster an office culture of recognition that will yield success for you and your employees. 

Be Specific with Your Gratitude

It is important to express thanks to your team for specific achievements, whether for small wins, like completing a task or an assignment, or more significant ones, like going above and beyond to accomplish a strategic goal. When these achievements are recognized, employees will feel like you are paying attention and seeing the effort they are putting forth, making the compliment all the more meaningful and leaving a longer-lasting impression. In turn, your employees will be incentivized to repeat their performance to achieve further recognition for their success. 

Be Open to Suggestions and New Ideas

Your leadership style should never appear rigid or egocentric, as this demeanor could potentially discourage valuable input from your team. It is best to have an aura of open-mindedness, displaying attentiveness to suggestions that could work toward the betterment of the company. When employees see that their insight is valued by leadership, they feel appreciation and satisfaction, and they are more likely to deepen their engagement at work. Continuing to show this appreciation and foster this engagement can create an atmosphere that brings forth the best in your team. 

Always Remember Rewards 

While it is important to verbalize your appreciation for their efforts, it is equally important to support this recognition with tangible rewards. Rewards like luxury travel, vouchers for fine-dining restaurants, event tickets, and merchandise rewards all provide significant trophy value, bringing with them more of a sense of connection to work than a simple cash bonus. With these types of rewards, you are creating opportunities for your team to make great memories from their reward experiences, once again providing an avenue to leave a lasting impact on your employees and, in turn, your business. 

In conclusion, creating a culture of recognition does not have to be complicated. With slight adjustments in mentality and approach, leaders can build the environment necessary for the engagement, growth, and success of their workers, which, in the long run, will offer an incredible return on investment for their companies. 

Xceleration Can Help

Make rewards and recognition a part of your culture, and you’ll create an engaged workforce that’ll stay with you long term. To help achieve your recognition and engagement goals, let Xceleration step in to provide employee rewards and recognition software.

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