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Quit Quiting
Recognition & Engagement

Countering the Effects of “Quiet Quitting”

On the list of the COVID-19 pandemic’s lingering effects on the American workforce, there’s a new addition: “quiet quitting.” Defined generally as performing only the

Recognition & Engagement

Xceleration on the Middle Finger Situations Podcast

Xceleration’s Chief Talent Officer, Courtney Harrison, hosts a popular leadership podcast together with Alicia Mandel called Middle Finger Situations: Candid Conversations About Irreverent Leadership, on

Incentives & Loyalty

cheerful leader motivating his business team scaled
Incentives & Loyalty

Do Incentive Rewards Programs Work?

Did you know 88 percent of employees believe employers need to reward hard-working employees, and those who feel recognized are less likely to leave a



A Return to Travel

Jill Dore, Travel Operations Manager If you are like hundreds of others around the globe needing your travel fix and feeling stymied by the lack

Corporate Gifting

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