Rewards that Work

Rewards as unique as your program.

At Xceleration, not all reward catalogs are created equal.

We work with each client to suggest and select the rewards that will be most appropriate for your program and most appealing to your participants.

Catalogs crossing borders.

Since preferences and cultures vary around the globe, so do our rewards recommendations.

Our goal always remains the same: rewards that appeal to your unique participants, regardless of geography.

The hidden value of rewards.

There's no doubt: For a participant, half of the fun of any reward is the "trophy value," so our carefully curated catalog is packed with brand-name merchandise that will make reward-winner proud to redeem and excited to show off to friends and co-workers.

The brands people crave.

A rewards program is only as good as the "stuff" so we make sure yours is the best.

Xceleration clients have access to a jaw-dropping selection of rewards- including the most desirable brand names in the industry.

Rewarding Experiences.

Not every reward can be contained in a box.

If your participants are more interested in concerts, sporting events or theme parks, we can work those rewards into your catalog. Piece of cake!

Vacations of a lifetime.

From laid-back to luxury, we offer travel for any taste.

Globetrotting participants can reward themselves with trips, hotels, car rentals, event tickets, and even one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

The Gravy Collection.

Rewards crafted by artisans from around the world.

For more discerning participants we recommend our highly-curated Gravy collection, including exclusive, small-batch merchandise made by artisans, craftsmen and designers.

Customized for you.

Forget run-of-the-mill pens and pads.

We think outside the coffee cup with specially-selected merchandise with customized etching, imprinting, dangles, or packaging.

One-of-a-kind rewards.

For top performers who have done and seen it all.

Xceleration can offer the kind of concierge experiences, memorable trips, and exotic escapes that other programs can only dream about. Think Super Bowl tickets. Kitchen renovations. Teeing off from a glacier. Yes, teeing off from a glacier. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Gift Cards

Yes, we have a gift card for that.

We offer gift cards from the most popular retailers on the planet, but if that's not enough, we provide options for creating your own.

Yes, we can.

To ensure your participants find exactly what they are looking for, Xceleration offers concierge services. When participants are looking for a certain reward, they give us a call, and we track it down- whether in the catalog or not.