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Choosing the Right Customer Loyalty Program Provider

Now that you have determined what you need in a customer loyalty program (and if you haven’t, we have a previous blog that can help – find it here) you will likely want to choose a provider to help you with the final design, implementation, and management of the program.  There are several things to consider, based on what you know about your audience, budget, and business objectives.  The perfect customer loyalty program provider should be able to answer your questions, meet your needs, and manage any hurdles that present themselves along the way from concept to implementation and beyond. ...

May 23, 2018

Choosing the Right Customer Loyalty Program

It’s a big decision, choosing the right customer loyalty program. On one hand, you want a program that works for you - that delivers the data you need about your core clientele and meets your business objectives.  On the other hand, it must retain the customers you have and attract the ones you want.  That’s a massive ask for any element of your business, let alone one that you likely have to hire out through an RFP to acquire. Below is a short list of things you and your team will want to consider before you start the process of looking for a customer loyalty program partner. What Ar...

May 16, 2018

Measuring the ROI of Employee Benefits

Employee engagement has quickly become a primary focus for many businesses today. Most corporate executives recognize the need to reduce turnover rates and increase job satisfaction to improve their bottom line. By doing so, not only will organizations spend less money on recruiting, hiring and training replacement workers, but they will also benefit from improved levels of productivity and performance. Managers have access to an abundance of advice on enhancing employee engagement, such as implementing health and wellness initiatives, providing ongoing communication and feedback and...

February 1, 2016