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Contact centers move quickly – rewards must...

During times of increased call traffic, companies' contact centers can be highly active, keeping employees constantly busy. How can organizations impose recognition structures on those fast-paced environments? Hi, and welcome to the Xceleration blog. Employee reward and recognition programs help firms of all kinds improve their respective operations. By giving employees new sources of motivation, such tactics can increase retention and productivity simultaneously. Adapting such concepts to the high-speed world of the contact center is not impossible, but demands well-designed systems and

August 8, 2017

Increase corporate success by having more fun [Vi...

The happier and healthier employees are, the more productive and satisfied they are in their role. This is why creating a fun and entertaining environment is important for companies. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog. Most workers spend the majority of their weeks at work. So it is essential that their office is an environment they enjoy being in. There are many ways for managers to facilitate a more stimulating atmosphere. Engagement and reward programs can be supplemented with in-house competitions that increase participation rates. In addition, online portals and W

February 25, 2017

Motivate sales team with personalized incentives ...

The success of a company hinges on the performance of its sales team – which is why making sure these employees stay motivated is essential. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog. Different types of workers are motivated by varying rewards. By using a standard incentive program that only appeals to some employees, managers are missing out on the opportunity to drive revenue. There is a wide range of incentives that can be offered – from digital content and merchandise to travel rewards and prepaid cards. Why not use them all? To avoid wasting time and finances on programs

February 23, 2016

Increasing engagement with ongoing communication ...

An employee engagement program is only effective if team members participate – which is why managers must leverage advanced communication strategies. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog. Efficient communication strategies are needed in any organization. To increase the rates of enrollment of employee programs, managers must make sure team members stay informed and updated on opportunities. Implementing a communication platform that seamlessly delivers important information and materials can help businesses enhance the employee engagement. Third-party firms can provide a

February 16, 2016

Employees prefer meaningful rewards [Video]

For employee recognition programs to be most effective, managers must offer the kind of rewards their members will truly appreciate. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog. There has been an abundance of research indicating a shift in what motivates workers in this generation. For example, an increasing number of people today prefer flexible benefits rather than financial bonuses. By incorporating travel-based incentives into reward programs, companies are able to provide top performers with points that have a wide range of uses, such as booking airfare or hotel accommodat

February 12, 2016

Using company metrics to increase ROI [Video]

To understand the effectiveness of a program, companies must have access to key analytics and data. Hello, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog.Business leaders put a lot of time and money into developing employee engagement and incentive programs, but simply putting these processes in place is not enough. To increase opportunities for cost-savings, maximize employee retention rates and enhance return on investment, it is important to define and track key metrics. A third-party provider that specializes in custom reporting and analytics can provide companies with the insight and feed

February 1, 2016

Leverage the power of peer-to-peer recognition [V...

To maintain a successful business, managers must make sure their employees are consistently acknowledged for their hard work. However, not all recognition must come directly from them. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog.Company leaders are often being pulled in a hundred different directions at once. Finding the time to ensure employees are individually recognized and rewarded can be difficult. Fortunately, peer-to-peer recognition programs can be just as effective as a top-down approach. By leveraging this strategy, companies are able to boost morale and build camaraderie, inc

January 27, 2016

Enhance company operations through consistent com...

When it comes to keeping employees engaged, companies must adopt on-going communication strategies. The successful exchange of intelligence is essential in business operations. Hi there, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog.From HR announcements and policy changes to corporate newsletters and service updates, a lot of information is shared between a company and its employees on a daily basis. This is why having an effective platform for internal communications is so important.By working with a third-party partner, businesses can develop a management system that ensures all company an

January 26, 2016

Wellness programs provide a cost-effective soluti...

There are many approaches companies can take to boost productivity and minimize costs. One of the most effective ways is to implement employee health and wellness programs. Hello, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog.Many business owners understand that the success of a company hinges on the performance of its employees. To maximize levels of engagement and job satisfaction, it is important to ensure the corporate environment promotes happy, healthy lifestyles. Research has shown that health and wellness programs can significantly improve the performance of team members and reduce co

January 26, 2016

Rewarding employees with digital content [Video]

The digitalization of business has made employee recognition and rewards programs easier and more affordable than ever before. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog.It's necessary for companies to implement incentive and reward programs that motivate team members without exceeding budget. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution available that meets the needs of virtually all businesses - digital content. Not only are these rewards easy to integrate into existing programs, but they are also quick and affordable. By offering employees a wide selection of downloadable items,

January 25, 2016

Companies of all sizes can use employee recogniti...

While some leaders may think their companies are too small for an employee reward strategy to be effective or too large for such a program to be viable, the fact is these approaches can help all sorts of businesses. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration video blog.The best third-party employee reward strategies are customized to suit the implementing organizations. This means every part of the operation is scaled accordingly. Whether based out of one small office or a network of global locations, a firm will receive appropriate support. Furthermore, top-quality engagement plans don't take a

January 18, 2016

Flexible incentives keep sales strong [Video]

At any given time, a sales department will be pursuing a number of objectives. These goals can be highly varied, and leaders may be wondering how to pursue them all. Hi, and welcome back to the Xceleration blog.Sales incentives can help achieve these targets, as they have the potential to suit any situation.An incentive can be attached to any sort of statistic within the sales department. From sales volume to improvement over time, employees can be incentivized as individuals or teams, and over any amount of time their leaders feel is appropriate. No matter what point managers are trying to re

January 13, 2016