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Agile: Is Your Team Ready?

From its origins during the Silicon Valley tech boom to its recent rise as a business buzz-word, the agile workplace is finding its place among the top trends in corporate work environments. Some companies are attracted to the idea of completing large projects in little chunks. New talent gravitates to the “loose” atmosphere that allows employees to clock in from remote locations, and offers pe

August 16, 2017

The Agile Workplace: What You Must Know Before Yo...

Agile. The word started popping up in business publications towards the end of 2016, and it’s developed into much more than a buzzword, featured in blogs and articles focusing on both employees and their employers- but what does “agile” really mean for you and your business today? The idea of an “agile” workplace was born in Silicon Valley and actually dates back to the late 1990’s when tech

August 8, 2017

Developing a formal and effective employee retent...

As the global economy strengthens, businesses today are experiencing increased pressure to retain employees. People are becoming more comfortable leaving a company they are not completely satisfied with and seeking employment elsewhere. Over the past few years, the unemployment rate has remained relatively steady at approximately 5 percent. For some industries, however, that number is even less.

February 9, 2016

How workplace entertainment can facilitate employ...

Most people spend the majority of their week at work, so it is important that they generally enjoy the environment. There are many factors that contribute to an employee's level of job satisfaction, such as the relationship they have with their coworkers, how and when they are recognized by mangers and the types of perks and benefits offered to them. All of these can influence a business's retenti

February 6, 2016

How to keep millennial employees happy with recog...

People in their twenties have expectations of workplace culture that differ from preceding generations. A big differentiator that corporate leaders must take note of is that employee reward and recognition programs are a key component in retaining millennial employees, also called 'Generation Y,' to reference anyone born between the late 1980s and early 2000s.Unfortunately, resea

February 5, 2016

Measuring the ROI of Employee Benefits

Employee engagement has quickly become a primary focus for many businesses today. Most corporate executives recognize the need to reduce turnover rates and increase job satisfaction to improve their bottom line. By doing so, not only will organizations spend less money on recruiting, hiring and training replacement workers, but they will also benefit from improved levels of productivity and pe

February 1, 2016

The real value of employee training and developme...

To limit high turnover rates, companies must formulate effective strategies to fuel levels of employee satisfaction. Some of the most common approaches managers take in doing so include reward, recognition and engagement programs. However, these are not the only options available to companies. "Hiring intelligent and competent employees does not guarantee the retention of them." It's a wid

January 14, 2016

Effective incentives for employee wellness programs

There are many reasons why companies should use health and wellness programs as employee incentives. The healthier a team member is, the more productive they will be. Plus, it will result in improved levels of job satisfaction and engagement, while lowering business costs associated with healthcare. But, as with most aspects of employee reward programs, managers are often faced with the

January 8, 2016

Modern strategies for improving employee retentio...

Identifying and implementing effective employee retention strategies can be difficult for companies.But to facilitate long-term success in business operations, it is absolutely essential. Not only can high turnover rates result in productivity and performance interruptions, but they can also lead to significant financial losses.According to The Phoenix Business Journal, the average cost of replaci

January 5, 2016

Top trends in corporate culture and employee enga...

In recent years, the workplace environment has undergone a major transformation. Between the digitalization of business operations, the increasing number of millennial employees and the growing demand for flexible perks, companies are faced with accumulating issues pertaining to the shift in corporate culture and worker expectations.To stay relevant and prosperous, it is crucial for a business to

December 22, 2015

Offering employees flexible benefits may trump in...

Corporate leaders shouldn't assume employee reward programs are all about financial contributions. The United States has seen a shift that, as The Wall Street Journal noted, is indicative of a change in the kind of benefits workers want from employers. Since 2001, using benefits as employee rewards have raised approximately 60 percent versus the 40 percent increase in wages.Research condu

December 18, 2015

Emerging trends in employee engagement

Employee engagement programs are a staple in corporate cultures. Snapshot 2015: The New Corporate DNA, a new research series published by America's Charities, highlights a number of essential trends and insights pertaining to workplace engagement and overall job satisfaction.The original research examined the evolution of engagement as well as how the presence of millennials in the workforce h

December 15, 2015