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Earning Trust in the Office

Trust is built with consistency. -Lincoln Chafee   Earning trust in the office place, whether you are a member of the rank and file or a manager, takes time and effort. It’s a combination of what you do, what you say, and how you choose to conduct yourself that dictates if – and how quickly – you will earn the trust of your co-workers. It is entirely possible you will spend more time with this group of people than with any other person in your life right now, including a spouse or significant other, so trust and success travel hand-in-hand. Trust is important because you ha

May 9, 2018

Does Your Internal Brand Inspire Your Employees? ...

Something that one of my colleagues wrote in a blog earlier this year struck a serious note with me and inspired a cascade of thoughts around creating a strong internal brand by following the same principals you’d use to engender long-term relationships with external customers.  The topic was Customer Loyalty, and Catherine Walts ended the piece by saying, “There was a time when you could expect your customers to remain loyal solely on the basis of your quality product, but in today’s competitive environment, it takes an engaging customer journey with multiple touchpoints to create your army o

May 2, 2018

Does Rewarding Work? We Asked the New Guy. (Guest...

We’ve all been the new hire at the office. It’s weird, right? It’s often intimidating, overwhelming, confusing, and it’s a unique challenge even under the best of circumstances. We are given so much to learn and absorb when we start a new job, and we have to do so in a fairly short period of time to feel successful and effective. Sure, there’s that whole “how to do your job” part… but we’re also faced with learning an entirely new office ecosystem. What does everyone wear? What do people do for lunch? What are your desk-neighbors like? Who can you talk to about Game of Thrones? Is the office c

March 28, 2018

How to Get Your Employees to Do Things That Are N...

Do you offer rewards to your employees for doing good work?  If yes, great! Do you reward your employees for excelling at or accomplishing a certain task? If so, great. Do you reward your employees for any other behaviors or doing things they may not be thrilled about? If no, you’re not alone. . . we find that there is a misconception that rewards and incentives can and should only be applied to doing good work, meeting a certain goal, or excelling at a specific task. That line of thinking is limiting both in terms of the effects that incentives and rewards can have on employee engage

March 7, 2018

Employee Engagement and Your Company’s Bott...

The level of engagement your employees exhibit on a daily basis has a profound impact on your bottom line.  Truly engaged employees work with passion and feel a sincere connection to their company.  They drive innovation and move the company forward.  Yet, a recent Gallup poll reveals only 33% of the 126 million American’s who work full-time are engaged and inspired at work. This means a staggering 67% of American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” which is believed to cost U.S. companies approximately $550 billion annually. By comparison, companies with high level

February 28, 2018

Screaming vs. Coaching: The Power of Effective Fe...

Anyone who has participated in athletics at any level has experienced that coach. The ticking time bomb, who was liable to go off at any moment - and for some athletes, the coach who sucked the pleasure and fun out of the sport. Chances are, you’ve worked for that type of manager as well.  The one who offers zero constructive feedback for whom entire departments walk on eggshells and is the reason many people leave a company. Some of these coaches and managers wield their temperamental nature effectively, carefully choosing the moments when they explode and manage to be successful because o

February 21, 2018

What Can We Learn from Olympic Athletes?

Olympic athletes are performing on the world’s largest stage in South Korea this month, and while we’re watching them do what they do we wanted to examine if there was anything we – the armchair observer – could learn from them as it relates to our companies and careers. The answer: of course there is. Peter Vint is the former Senior Director of Competitive Analysis, Research and Innovation with the United States Olympic Committee and has spent a lifetime studying high-performance athletes and their behaviors, regimens and performance. He says there are a number of things the average Joe

February 14, 2018

Athletes: Transitioning from the Field to the Office

There’s something about watching world-class athletes at the peak of their career, doing what they do best. The culmination of all that preparation, all the blood, sweat and tears- everything leading up to that very moment in the spotlight. Eventually, however, the cheering stops.  Time, the one opponent that can’t be beat, gets in the way. For some it stops even sooner, through injury, or maybe the athlete just reaches the end of their ability or their desire to perform. What, then?  For a select number of humans on this planet who compete at the highest levels, making the transition fr

February 7, 2018

Trending: Travel Incentive Experiences (Guest Blog)

Recently, someone shared with me their observation that my approach to the process of travel planning is more like that of an artist, working on my next creation. The comparison resonated with me on a deep level, prompting me to look up the definition of ART and this is what I found: art (ärt/) noun the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. I thought this definition fully captured the essence and heartbeat of how I, along with the travel design team at Xceleration, approach e

January 31, 2018

Five Great Reasons to Offer Travel Incentives

We have covered a lot of ground talking about travel rewards, and why they’re more viable now than ever as a sales incentive.  You can find those blogs here, here, and here. In those entries you will find more details as to why travel is so great, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s discuss the five best reasons you should be offering travel incentives right now. Our experts in this field are: Xceleration Director of New Business Mark Houck And Xceleration Director of Travel Design Laura Hildenbrandt   5 The Relative Cost Looking at the big picture, offering travel

January 24, 2018

Alleviating the Risk of Travel Incentives

Risk.  It’s ok to admit you think about it a lot. In the business world, we seldom make a decision without first examining two things: What is the ROI? What are the Risks? We’ve previously discussed the ROI of offering travel as a sales incentive here, and here, and we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t discuss the risk and how to best alleviate it. The fact is, yes, there is some risk involved in offering travel as a reward.  We won’t go into all the things that can happen while your rock star employees are seeing the sights and enjoying their trip on your dime.  Admittedl

January 17, 2018

Burden or Experience? Re-Imagining Travel Incentives

Cash may be king, but travel is a new threat to the throne, and it comes with a trunk full of advantages for both employees and the company. Forever, cash bonuses have been the incentives that appear to get the most mileage. That is now changing, and a younger workforce may be behind the movement. Laura Hildenbrandt is Director of Travel Design for Xceleration and has worked in the travel industry for two decades. She says experience-based incentives are driving the motivation bus for younger team members. “About 5-7 years ago, we started to see millennials making their own income and

January 3, 2018