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Is Your Sales Incentive Program Demotivating 98% of Your Team?

The traditional sales reward model is, frankly, frustrating to the other 98% of your sales force.

Here’s the problem with sales incentives:

Traditionally, sales incentives have been handed out to the top performers- let’s say, the top two percent of a sales force. These individuals are honored at an awards ceremony in some exotic location, and then whisked away on a trip to yet another exotic location, or showered with lavish gifts and treated like royalty… while the rest of the sales force looks on and politely applauds like the also-rans at the Oscars.

And traditionally these rewards, these top performers, tend to be the same people year in and year out.

So, what are the others to do when Bob from Poughkeepsie gets helicoptered off to Hawaii every year? This reward model is, frankly, frustrating to the other 98% of your sales force.  The notion that it fosters competition and inspired the other 98% to perform better just doesn’t play out.

Mark Houck is Director of Business Development at Xceleration, and in his experience, sales incentive programs that only reward a few people are- in his words- demoralizing.

“These programs are great… for a few people,” Houck says. “But they could, in fact, be a de-motivator for those who feel they have no opportunity to earn rewards.”

Sales Incentives

This is Bob from Poughkeepsie. His success alienates most of your sales team.

Think about that for a minute.  Bob from Poughkeepsie is a fine sales person, but his success- while great for him, his family, and a portion of your bottom line- could be damaging the morale of the rest of your sales force.

What if we told you there is a way to incentivize and reward your entire sales team for reaching certain performance goals without breaking the bank?

We know it can be complicated.  Territories and sales people come and go, numbers fluctuate wildly and that uncertainty leads to a tangled mess when it comes time to deliver the incentives- but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine a world where every member of your sales team is motivated to reach a goal, and then rewarded for reaching those new heights?  Think about what that would do for your bottom line.

“When everyone is evaluated and incentivized individually,” Houck says, “every sales person is invested in the program and feels they have a realistic opportunity to earn rewards for increased performance.”

That belief in the system can lead to bigger performances from your entire team, not just Bob in Poughkeepsie and the fortunate two percent.

Those bigger performances benefit everyone and can boost your bottom line.

“The company benefits through increased sales across the entire sales force and can use a portion of the increased revenue in rewards,” Houck adds.

You can reward everyone who performs well, and with the added revenue from your newly-empowered sales force, you won’t even feel it.

To find out more about how Xceleration can help motivate your entire sales team, contact us by reaching out at hello@xceleration.com, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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