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Great sales incentives keep employees reaching higher [Video]

It's great to increase a salesperson's productivity with an incentive - but wouldn't it be even better to keep that improvement going?

Getting a salesperson to a new level of productivity is a great result for an incentive program, but leaders don’t have to settle for just one instance of improvement.

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It’s easy to see how a well-chosen incentive can increase a salesperson’s engagement and productivity. But what happens next? If companies have comprehensive and well-developed rewards strategies, a new tier can open up, encouraging team members who have already improved their performance to go further.

Having a variety of rewards that trigger progressively greater sales goals is a way to get the whole team involved in the program, from an individual worker’s first sale until that team member is No. 1 at the company. No one feels left out, and the sales will keep piling up.

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