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Employee rewards can keep workers engaged in quiet seasons

Stressful times such as the holiday season can be saved by well-targeted rewards.

Employee motivation is an absolute must for organizations today, for a number of reasons. Not only are properly engaged workers more likely to improve overall company performance, these professionals may prove more likely to stay with the business for the long haul, thus eliminating the need for costly and problematic searches for replacements. This means that keeping workers attentive is a priority year-round. Now, it is the end of another year. That means possible engagement issues brought on by many vacation days and the stresses of the season, according to CIO magazine. However, reward and recognition programs can help fight back against these tough times.

"Once leaders determine exactly what their staff members want, they can surely find ways to praise them that will be appreciated."

Staying focused through the holidays
The source explained that general recognition efforts are valuable at times other than the end of the year, but are especially vital during months that may be taxing on worker stamina. Industry source Eric Mosley explained that there are direct benefits to taking time to assure that work is constantly being both assessed and appreciated. The feeling that assignments are going unnoticed or undervalued may be the last straw for a stressed professional, and a manager expressing that he or she does indeed approve of all the effort professionals have put in is therefore a good gesture.

Many different offerings are available for leaders who want to keep their staff members positive through the holiday season. Another professional in the field, Kara Simon, reported to the source that everything from a note physically written by the manager to extra vacation time may be a highly palatable reward for workers who have stayed on-task for the whole calendar year. She stated there are options for every type of budget. Once leaders determine exactly what their staff members want, they can surely find ways to praise them that will be appreciated. There is no need to discontinue these efforts once the holiday season ends, or wait until that time rolls around to begin them.

Bug Insights co-founder Garry Spinks gave CIO another suggestion, noting that the end of the year is a good time for an extra set of staff awards, something to keep friendly competition and interest running high through weeks that can fall prey to distraction and stress. As long as the whole mood of the program is kept positive, there is ample reason to believe such a system could be very popular with the employees in question, driving them to do their best work. Spinks recommended telling the whole firm about the events via internal messages, keeping everyone aware.

Keeping rewards immediate
Another report on end-of-year motivation, this one from Mashable, explained that leaders should ensure any bonuses earned by workers during the holidays should be paid out right away. The source also acknowledged that managers don't have to be the only ones to single out individuals for praise. Peers can nominate those in their departments and ensure that those doing the most work in the best manner are actually taking home the spoils. On-point bonuses could remove some of the holidays' stress and keep the office mood positive.

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