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How to excite your employees with a travel incentives program [VIDEO]

Did you know your staff performance may depend on vacation time?


Did you know your staff performance may depend on vacation time?

A CCH Human Resources Management study found that more than half of workers feel more rested, rejuvenated and reconnected to their personal life after returning from a trip. Better yet, 40 percent of workers felt better about their jobs – and more productive – post-vacation.

Devising an employee travel incentive program is basically a no-brainer, but not all of these campaigns are created equal. One industry expert told BizBash that he advises designing your program based on feedback. Consider conducting a survey to find out what locations are most desirable, as well as how employees want to fill their time on the trip.

Once you gain a grip on what excites and delights your staff members, you can start motivating them with memorable trips through your company’s incentives program. Check back for tips on planning points-based events rewards that are tailored to your employees’ interests.

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