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Debunking Myth #2: Incentive programs offer no proof of ROI [VIDEO]

Many people are concerned that the ROI of incentive programs can't be quantified - but is that really so?


Hi and welcome back to our Debunking Recognition Program Myths series! Today we’re tackling ROI, and the myth that incentive programs don’t offer proof of ROI.

To start, the ROI your company earns from higher employee motivation isn’t always tangible, but the benefits are enormous. Satisfied employees who look forward to coming to work, motivated workers who go beyond their comfort zone to do good work – those things are your ROI.

And If you want numbers, how’s an increase in revenue by as much as 23 percent? A study by Forum revealed that’s what you can achieve by improving levels of engagement among staff members. A study by The Hay Group showed that having a strong culture of helping staff pursue new opportunities can increase performance by as much as 35 percent.

For even more details on the tremendous ROI benefits of having a strong incentive program in place, download the full whitepaper! And be sure to tune in next week as we debunk our next myth.

See you next time.

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