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How to reward your employees on a budget [VIDEO]

Rewarding your best employees doesn't require the high budget you may think it does.

In our last video, we debunked the myth that running company-wide incentives programs is too expensive. The truth is that even with one percent of the total budget, companies can generate big returns in the area of employee engagement.

Inc.com shares two useful tips for encouraging and rewarding your employees on a budget.

First, rewarding employees with a flexible work schedule is a great way to motivate them, according to Inc.com. You’re both rewarding them and helping them achieve a good work-life balance by either letting them work from home one day, or maybe come into the office later or leave earlier.

Gift cards are also highly appealing for employees and low-cost for you. They’re typically included in points-based rewards programs, too, which allow employees to collect and redeem points according to their performance, another great incentive option.

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