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Mind the gap: How reward program technology can bridge multiple offices

These days, many companies have offices across multiple locations.

These days, many companies have offices across multiple locations. Frequently, they're based in different cities, states and even countries. As businesses grow and expand into additional sites, even ones with the strongest corporate cultures can have difficulty maintaining the same values, atmosphere and sense of community throughout all of their offices.

Employee reward and recognition software is a valuable tool in this regard, particularly when organizations tailor their solutions to reflect the individual characteristics and values of their workplace. Not only can workers feel more connected by participating in the same incentive opportunities, they can also keep in touch by recognizing each other for jobs well done. Team members who have never seen each other in person can develop more positive working relationships by digitally acknowledging coworker contributions.

Additionally, reward programs can be customized to reflect goals apart from just sales quotas or project benchmarks. They can also encourage workers to get involved in organization-wide initiatives, such as sustainability or wellness programs. Contributing to the same missions helps employees feel like they're a part of something larger and more connected to the broader company community – wherever else it may be.

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