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Data-driven sales strategies

Sales incentive programs serve as excellent ways to motivate teams to sell more and meet ambitious quotas.

Sales incentive programs serve as excellent ways to motivate teams to sell more and meet ambitious quotas. However, with the right technology, these solutions offer another advantage: analytics. 

Making informed decisions 
Big data is all the rage right now as companies seek ways to collect, process and apply ever-growing volumes of information from various sources. However, at the core of this approach is a fundamental reality that doesn't categorize databases as either "big data" or just regular analytics: Knowledge is power, and it's fueled by hard, cold facts.

That's why any sort of business analytics – whether by computer or by more traditional assessment – is critical for just about any operation. You wouldn't make an investment without ample research – nor would you construct a bridge without investigating the best designs and materials. Data is what drives the world, and it can catalyze the efforts of your sales team.

Sales incentive programs gather key metrics 
When you use a robust platform for motivating your sales team with incentives, you gain insight into the effectiveness of your individual employees, particular sales campaigns and specific techniques. This information, especially when processed and reported in the right manner, can prove invaluable as your leaders decide on personnel management and strategic approaches. 

By combining raw metrics with industry insights, you can benefit from identifying trends, anomalies and best practices. This, in turn, can help decision-makers better understand your business, sales processes and team behavior, as well as the efficacy of your sales incentive program. Empowered by this information, your organization can better motivate its staff, refine its techniques and ultimately see results in its bottom line.

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