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5 ways engaged employees can boost your business

Here are five ways that bolstering engagement can be good for your company - and ultimately your bottom line.

Employee engagement is a hot topic in HR and management circles, with leaders focusing on strategies such as employee reward recognition programs to motivate workers and improve performance. It makes sense that people who find value in their work are more likely to be diligent on the job.

Here are five ways that bolstering engagement can be good for your company – and ultimately your bottom line.

  1. Brand advocacy. Engaged employees are more likely to be good ambassadors for your organization. As Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal, explained in a ClickZ article, workers who believe in their company and care about its success tend to promote its products and services
  2. Retention. Workers who feel motivated, challenged, appreciated and invested on the job are more inclined to remain loyal to their employers. Turnover can be costly in terms of replacing workers, keeping morale high in the meantime and recovering from knowledge and talent loss.
  3. Productivity. It's not hard to imagine how techniques such as sales incentive programs can spur workers to perform at higher levels. Keeping employees engaged can create a positive, yet ambitious, work atmosphere.
  4. Creativity. When team members care, they're more likely to bring their best efforts to the table, which can energize group initiatives and inspire innovative approaches.
  5. Health. Gallup research showed that engaged workers tend to eat healthier and exercise more. This can impact absenteeism as well as performance and health care costs.
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