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Texas employers struggling to engage employees

Engaged, motivated workers can help propel a company to success.

Engaged, motivated workers can help propel a company to success. Unfortunately, it's not all that easy to foster inspiration and investment among company employees. It takes strategic efforts, such as implementing sales incentive programs, to show workers that their contributions are appreciated and encourage them to reach for ambitious goals. 

In Texas, employers are struggling to foster this type of commitment and productivity. According to a recent study by the Texas Business Group on Health, which surveyed leaders of mid- to large-sized Texas businesses, employee engagement is one area that many employers would like to improve. This challenge is seen as a factor in empowering workforces to perform better.

These issues aren't restricted to the southern state, of course. As the report indicated, the challenges faced by Texan employers sweep across the country.

"Given the size and growth of the Texas economy, the challenges facing our employers most likely reflect the concerns of all U.S. businesses," observed Marianne Fazen, chief executive officer of the Texas Business Group on Health and the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health. 

To fuel their teams, managers can turn to solutions such as employee reward and recognition programs, which make it easier to integrate positive feedback and incentives into day-to-day business operations.

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