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Does your customer service leave much to be desired?

If your customer service isn't quite up to par, you're probably not alone.

If your customer service isn't quite up to par, you're probably not alone. According to InformationWeek, consumer satisfaction rates have been on the decline, despite business efforts to implement unified communications technology to improve experiences and interactions. This sort of lackluster performance can damage your brand's reputation, decrease your sales prospects and ultimately harm your bottom line. If you're suffering from a problem like this, it might be time to focus on increasing employee engagement through call center incentives or reward and recognition programs.

It's about the people
Forbes magazine emphasized that the passion and enthusiasm of your workforce is tightly correlated with the quality of customer service they provide. When workers care about their jobs, understand the way their role fits into the bigger picture and are motivated to excel, they're more likely to put the required energy and attention into individual interactions with customers. 

Customer service roles, such as those performed by call center agents, can be tedious and demanding. It's easy for staff members to let frustrations cut their patience short, particularly if they're also hindered by a lack of adequate data and resources. However, engaged workers are usually willing to go the extra mile, even when the going gets tough.

How much of a difference can this make? Forbes noted that within the telecommunications industry, bolstering customer satisfaction by even just a few percentage points can result in revenue boosts of hundreds of millions of dollars by helping companies to retain loyal, satisfied patrons.

How do you get there? 
Managers need both technological tools and motivational strategies to inspire their teams to provide top-notch service every time. Forbes advised tracking performance metrics to show individual workers and teams how they're doing and the impact their actions have on the company's successes and shortcomings. Software such as call center incentive programs can automate much of this analysis, making it easier for supervisors to monitor – and recognize – achievements.

Further, the source recommended fostering greater degrees of collaboration and teamwork among coworkers, which can also help to improve the workplace atmosphere. Other factors that influence employee engagement include autonomy, a sense of purpose, opportunities for development and a sense of belonging within the organization, the source added. By tailoring their reward and recognition programs to foster these  elements, supervisors can inspire their team members to care more about providing excellent assistance to customers and empower staff with the tools and goals necessary to strive for success.

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