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Do you have a culture of recognition?

Motivated, engaged employees make a huge difference on the job. 

Motivated, engaged employees make a huge difference on the job. They tend to be more productive and devoted to their jobs, and they can be some of the greatest assets a company has. There are a number of strategies that managers can use to inspire their workers to strive for ambitious goals and maintain a positive attitude, but some leaders overlook an important aspect of engagement: recognition. To create a culture that acknowledges achievement and validates contributors, supervisors can implement employee reward and recognition programs.

According to The Huffington Post blog, fostering a "culture of recognition" can make a substantial difference in engaging employees and motivating high performance. In addition to building trust among coworkers, facilitating collaboration and offering career development opportunities, managers should make sure they're regularly praising their team members, the source advised. Knowing that their hard work is recognized and appreciated can give employees the extra boost and incentive to keep their energy and commitment high, even when faced with challenges.

The source recommended integrated, regular acknowledgement and praise through initiatives such as calling out above-and-beyond effort at staff meetings or taking a bit of time to personally recognize employees who performed well. A reward and recognition program can also help to foster peer-to-peer recognition, which builds a positive working community.

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