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Nonprofits need strategies to improve staff retention

When workers leave their position, finding a replacement can be a heavy burden on their former organization.

When workers leave their position, finding a replacement can be a heavy burden on their former organization. Not only are there recruiting and hiring costs, the temporary staff shortage can cause a decline in productivity and even lower morale among other employees as they have to pick up the slack. In the nonprofit sector, this problem can cause significant challenges for organizations running on limited staff and tight budgets. Unfortunately, turnover issues have increased for nonprofits this year, revealing a need to develop staff engagement strategies.

According to a report by NonProfitHR, 20 percent of nonprofits identified turnover as the greatest employee problem at their organizations, up from 16 percent in 2013 and 17 percent in 2012. This challenge is exacerbated by the difficulties they face finding and hiring qualified staff, which can take several months. Not surprisingly, only 17 percent have formal retention strategies this year, the report added. 

One way to combat high turnover rates is to focus on increasing staff engagement. These initiatives usually help to improve job satisfaction, encouraging workers to stay in their position longer. For example, employee reward and recognition programs can be used to validate staff members for their hard work and foster a positive team dynamic. 

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