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7 steps to a stellar sales team

As a manager, your job is to lead a sales team to success, identifying the best way to motivate and inspire members of your staff.

You recruited top talent, hired an impressive cohort of salespeople and completed the initial training to show them the ropes. Now what? As a manager, your job is to lead a sales team to success, identifying the best way to motivate and inspire members of your staff. You can use proven strategies, like instituting a sales incentive program, to encourage your employees to reach for the stars. Here are a few more tips for forming a successful sales team:

  • Incentivize. You can use financial benefits like commissions to drive higher sales figures, but non-cash rewards are sometimes even more effective, according to Skin Inc. The main point is to give employees a personal reason to go the extra mile.
  • Set attainable goals. When setting benchmarks and quotas, it's essential to make them realistic. While sales staff should be motivated to achieve great things, if your expectations are impossible, you risk causing them to just give up.
  • Foster responsibility. Not only does a sense of ownership help to engage workers, giving high performers the opportunity to coach new team members or share their best tips can make them feel appreciated and extend the impact of their talents, according to The Var Guy.
  • Educate and empower. Knowledge starts at onboarding, but doesn't end there. Skin Inc recommended offering additional information about products that aren't selling well to make sure salespeople have the facts they need to successfully promote the company's items. Similarly, offering professional development or sales tips can only fuel a team.
  • Praise and recognize. Some salespeople are only moderately motivated by financial bonuses, but most are driven by recognition and praise, The Var Guy argued. To motivate those who thrive on acknowledgement, you can send an email, create awards to showcase achievements or use reward and recognition programs. The Philadelphia Business Journal advised recognizing all team members for their contributions, not just top performers.
  • Introduce competition. A little friendly competition can help employees build off of each other's successes. At the same time, it's helpful to foster community and keep sales teams focused on achieving the company's goals, the Philadelphia Business Journal explained.
  • Put people in the right place. Promotions can be a great way to motivate and recognize excellence. In addition, it's crucial to match people to the roles that fit their strengths and interests, the news source emphasized. Strong leaders know their team members and arrange their staff strategically, from choosing bill collectors and lead generators to establishing mentor relationships.
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