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Do your employees think you hate them?

People tend to perform better when they feel appreciated and valued.

People tend to perform better when they feel appreciated and valued. Unfortunately, a recent survey indicated that many employees do not have the type of relationships with their managers that are conducive to high levels of engagement. A FindEmployment study revealed that 39 percent of workers think their bosses dislike them and 27 percent indicated that their manager regularly micro-manages and doesn't trust them with projects. 

Employees assessed their managers' opinions based on factors such as whether they were included in projects and whether their bosses had an open and accessible attitude toward them. 

"It is not easy for employees to remain dedicated to the job and company if they feel they are being unfairly scrutinized, or placed under duress and pressure by their bosses on a continual basis," said James Weaver, director of FindEmployment.

Weaver also emphasized that in some cases, the issue might have more to do with poor communication than with bosses' real attitudes or actions. To demonstrate that they appreciate employees, managers can recognize achievements and reward high performance. For supervisors who find it difficult to keep track of these strategies during the work day, employee reward and recognition programs can streamline the initiative and maintain consistent, open lines of communication to show workers they're valued.

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