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Turning passion into performance

Experts agree that employees perform better when they're engaged at work.

Experts agree that employees perform better when they’re engaged at work. This includes being personally invested in projects, feeling connected to the company’s overall mission and finding inspiration to achieve goals and make improvements. Strategies like employee reward and recognition programs can help to motivate and validate workers. To make the most out of strategies like these, supervisors should design them around the things that really make their employees tick.

In the Denver Business Journal, Stephanie Klein, president and CEO of Experience Factor, explained that losing sight of the connection between what they do and why they do it is a prime indicator for employees to consider leaving their position. For that reason, it’s important for supervisors to reinforce the link between their workers’ tasks and the company’s overall mission. Forbes magazine advised managers to identify their employees’ passions – what they care about, what drives them, what they love to do – and use these insights to better structure and engage the workforce.

After learning what best inspires employees, supervisors can try to connect people on an emotional level by giving workers tasks or forming reward program objectives that align with their passions. These efforts could re-energize a workforce, improving mindsets and job satisfaction.

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