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Employee engagement needs to reach experienced workers

Workers with long tenures can be an extraordinary asset to a company.

Workers with long tenures can be an extraordinary asset to a company. They often have a wealth of knowledge developed through years of experience and the perspective necessary to see a business through ups and downs. To make the most of experienced workers’ insights and skills, managers should prioritize keeping them on board and engaged with other workers.

According to a recent Bain & Company study, employee engagement decreases as tenure increases. This means that the most experienced employees are slipping through the cracks in initiatives for team building and performance motivation. Although these employees may have already demonstrated their loyalty through their years on the job, their lack of engagement points to lost opportunities for capitalizing on their expertise.

Employees want to feel valued,” Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resource at CareerBuilder, told Forbes magazine. “They want to be compensated well; they want to be challenged; they want to contribute to something meaningful; and they want to have a good work-life balance.”

Employee reward and recognition programs can challenge and inspire experienced workers, building a more positive work environment for all staff members. To make the most of their knowledge, managers can also foster engagement by having senior employees mentor new teammates.

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