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Remember these three groups in your reward programs

Employee engagement is most effective when it encompasses the whole workforce.

Employee engagement is most effective when it encompasses the whole workforce. To get the greatest return on investment from employee reward and recognition programs, companies should make sure that they reach all employees, not just the star performers. That includes several groups of people that might easily fall under the radar.

  • Remote workers. Out of sight, out of mind? Hardly. Because they’re not in the office, it’s even more important to make sure they’re engaged, on board with company values and motivated to be strong team members. Time Magazine explained that managers should form relationships with remote workers and remember to acknowledge their accomplishments, even if they won’t be standing at the water cooler.
  • Part-time employees. They may not work as many hours, but managers want their part-time team members to be just as productive and tenacious as the regular staff. Resource Nation noted that the only difference between part-timers and full-timers should be their timecard and their paycheck. Therefore, supervisors need to make sure that they’re included in team celebrations, achievement recognition and meetings.
  • New hires. They might not be able to compete with company veterans in employee incentive programs, but there are other ways to inspire new workers from day one. For example, Harvard Business Review recommended including new hires on team projects right away so they start gaining experience and feel like they’re part of the community.
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