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Happy employees, happy customers, larger profits

Good relationships with consumers are essential for companies to thrive.

Good relationships with consumers are essential for companies to thrive. A customer's experience is profoundly impacted by his or her initial contact with business representatives, often lower-level employees. As Adam Davidson wrote in the New York Times Magazine, one negative experience with store clerks can drive away shoppers, sometimes permanently. On the flip side, he noted, workers who feel motivated and valued are more likely to reach out positively to consumers, who in turn are more likely to make a purchase and return later.

Customer experience isn't just important – it's one of the biggest factors for customer loyalty. According to an infographic composed by Zengage, only four percent of Americans trust advertising. Instead, they are more likely to be persuaded by recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family members. This means that a positive experience – formed in large part by contact with pleasant, helpful staff – is likely to trigger word-of-mouth advertising that is exponentially more effective than paid advertising. The atmosphere created by attentive employees is well worth the investment.

Businesses can foster a pleasant consumer experience by boosting employee morale and motivation. Reward and recognition programs that acknowledge workers' ideas and efforts as well as call center incentive programs can lead to happier employees, who reach out to customers and bring their own ideas to the table.

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