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Engaged leaders fuel engaged employees

Carefully designed employee reward programs help companies reap the manifold benefits of motivated, loyal employees.

Carefully designed employee reward programs help companies reap the manifold benefits of motivated, loyal employees. Happy workers are more likely to put forth their best effort and stay on the job longer. But a program is only as good as its implementation, and the right strategy makes a world of difference in its success.

As Joseph Romano advised in an article for Forbes magazine, communication with management is crucial to the success of engagement plans and the organization as a whole. Employees like to hear about the company’s achievements and see how their efforts tie into the bigger picture. Leaders who sincerely listen to their workers’ concerns and ideas can demonstrate their appreciation and empower team members to take more ownership of their responsibilities.

Supervisors can contribute to a culture of engagement by actively participating in a less centralized employee recognition program. For example, managers who nominate their employees for rewards also foster essential relationships with their workers in the process. As described in a report by Bain & Co., a centralized program run exclusively through HR often falls short on the personal relationships that are key to engaging employees. HR’s role is important, but should form only the foundation and support of the program as a whole. In short, the most successful programs are driven by engaged leaders.

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