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Build incentives, new employee projects into your holiday budget

Employee recognition can be particularly well-received during the holidays.

Employee recognition can be particularly well-received during the holidays. This time of year, staff are likely to be busier than usual when it comes to their home lives, as holiday shopping and the increased frequency of get-togethers means workers might be more likely than usual to succumb to distraction. What's more, call center employees are practically certain to find themselves fielding greater numbers of customer phone calls as the holiday retail season picks up.

As such, December is an ideal time to implement call center incentive programs. Many companies are already planning to recognize their employees prior to Christmas, as CareerBuilder reported that 35 percent of companies intend to reward their employees' hard work with holiday gifts this year.

While monetary bonuses can be effective, they're not always the best motivators. For managers who want to engage employees at the end of the year by adding some extra meaning to their projects, business writer Ken Sundheim noted in a recent column for Forbes that affording employees creativity is key

"Rather than money, studies have shown that how creative an employee feels when working on a project is the strongest and most pervasive driver," Sundheim wrote. Managers might consider assigning employees more engaging projects as a companion to reward and recognition programs.

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