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The connection between rewards and productivity [VIDEO]

There appears to be a problem in the workplace - apathy.

There appears to be a problem in the workplace – apathy.

According to a recent Gallup survey, only 30 percent of the U.S workforce is actively engaged in their jobs.

Human resource professionals said they could see a clear disconnect between employees and an organization through low productivity, poor attitudes, increasing levels of absenteeism and decreasing retention costs.

Meanwhile, a separate survey found that only 42 percent of businesses in the U.S have a formal rewards program in place that recognizes top performers.
This could be considered a missed opportunity for companies to motivate workers since there is a clear connection between employee engagement and formal performance-based reward programs.

And because research has shown that workers prefer non-cash rewards such as concert tickets, gift certificates or meal vouchers, employees who are recognized based on a points system can easily redeem those points for an award of choice.

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