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Keeping remote workers motivated [VIDEO]

Many organizations are focused on rewarding teamwork and collaboration

Many organizations are focused on rewarding teamwork and collaboration. But international companies face an even bigger challenge as they try to motivate workers who may be globally dispersed.

That’s why it’s crucial that organizations make sure they include remote workers in any incentive program that offers perks and non-monetary bonuses. For example, remote workers should always be considered for programs such as employee of the month or any type of recognition award.

Reward programs are a great chance for companies to champion their remote staff even if they are not in the office every day. And an ongoing rewards program based on points can keep remote workers motivated because they know they will be able to redeem those points later for what they want.

And companies should have technology in place that offers equal and personalized access to a global rewards program, no matter where that employee is working or what language they speak.

Keeping all employees in the loop when it comes to rewards is a great way to help them feel connected, motivated and part of the team.

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