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Keep reward programs fair and legitimate to improve results

Technology has made the process of offering immediate feedback much easier as social networks can be used to highlight positive behavior to all workers simultaneously.

At a small company, every staff member has a large influence on the organization's overall performance. Workers who are motivated to see the business succeed will take the appropriate steps to boost revenue and cut costs, which makes employee engagement vital for operations.

Because there are so few staff members, small companies can't afford to not get 100 percent effort from all of their personnel. Business News Daily reported that employee incentive programs are an effective way to keep workers focused on short and long-term goals. If managed correctly, these initiatives help keep people motivated by increasing their desire to see their firms succeed.

Incentives are useful tools for managing company culture. The source noted that it is always important to recognize the individuals who have done a great job, as this inspires them to keep up the good work. At a small company, it is important that these initiatives be seen as fair and legitimate, or employees can lose trust in the organization. Public recognition is one of the easiest ways to improve the legitimacy of a program. If everyone is able to see the results, they know that the company is keeping its commitment to reward hard work. This level of trust encourages additional participation that can be used to generate better results.

Creating a fair incentive program
Fairness is often a difficult concept to measure as it is subjective.The best strategy for handling this problem is for managers to be consistent. When employees feel the rules are continually changing, they see the system as being stacked against them. Using reward and recognition programs to reinforce positive behavior is a great way to maintain balance among workers. Teamphoria reported that managers should use immediate recognition whenever a staff member meets specific goals or exhibits corporate values in his or her work. Technology has made this process much easier as social networks can be used to highlight positive behavior to all workers simultaneously.

These on-the-spot acknowledgements help employees understand that their efforts are being noticed, which is important to creating an engaging office culture. If technology is used throughout the process, it also makes it easier to track individual performance. Each message of encouragement or recognition can be easily cataloged to help identify star talent and provide data for employees to understand how decisions on promotions or rewards are made.

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