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Improve the call center’s reputation with incentive programs

Call center incentive programs can help companies reform services and reduce the length of time that callers are kept waiting.

Most consumers don't have a positive view of call centers. The long wait times and frustration in dealing with the wrong departments cause many people to dread calling a company's main customer service number. A new survey by CorvisaCloud revealed that one in six people would prefer to visit the dentist over talking to a customer service agent, Web Host Industry Review reported.

These results are extremely troubling for businesses that depend on their contact centers to resolve problems and improve customer experiences. Fortunately, call center incentive programs can help companies reform their services and reduce the length of time that callers are kept waiting.

Rewards can be used several ways to engage workers and keep them focused on providing better service. One strategy is to track various metrics and provide encouragement when specific goals are met. According to the survey, 31 percent of respondents said that long waits are the most frustrating aspect of calling a company. Businesses could see strong improvement in customer satisfaction by focusing on reducing wait times. Establishing clear benchmarks and offering team incentives can help organizations achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Building customer loyalty with improved service
Technology is helping businesses improve services by providing additional channels through which consumers can resolve their problems. Live chat programs, social media and mobile strategies offer flexibility that can keep customers off the phones, reducing the wait for service. Call center incentives help employees get excited about using new technology. Recognizing those who have made the effort to learn and implement new service methods can encourage other workers to utilize all of the tools at their disposal.

CorvisaCloud's blog noted that every contact center interaction is a chance to improve customer loyalty. Reward and recognition programs can help build a culture focused on delivering quality service during every interaction. The source stated that 74 percent of consumers have contacted a customer service representative in the last 12 months. Encouraging workers to listen to callers and take the time to address all of their problems can go a long way to building brand loyalty.

Employees can be rewarded for their efforts in solving difficult problems. Making the recognition public can inspire other staff members to go the extra mile for consumers. These positive experiences are one of the strongest forms of advertising a company can have. Fourteen percent of consumers who have positive interactions with companies refer their friends and family to the service. 

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