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Get employees ready for the holiday season with sales incentive programs

Employee engagement is an essential part of the management strategies for some of the most successful online retailers.

Recent economic issues have discouraged optimism among customers. ABC News reported that sales have fallen among national auto companies due to a drop in consumer confidence, which has contributed to changing predictions regarding the upcoming holiday season.

A survey by Deloitte found that respondents plan to spend more on gifts and decorations this winter than in years past. The average shopper will purchase an estimated $421 worth of merchandise this year, up from $386 last year, Multichannel Merchant reported. However, a study by J.P. Power and Associate indicated that these results may be optimistic. The recent government shutdown and ongoing worries about the economy may cause buyers to cut back on their purchases.

Regardless of which scenario proves true, businesses need to be properly prepared, and one method that can help is by having a highly engaged workers. When staff members are excited about their work and are able to deliver high quality services, organizations will see a rise in sales and customer loyalty. Employee engagement is an essential part of the management strategies for some of the most successful online retailers, according to 1to1 Media. Companies such as Zappos focus on their staff members to ensure that every customer is shown the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Engage workers to boost revenue
The holiday season is a great time to launch initiatives designed to energize workers and contribute to higher consumer spending. Sales incentive programs can provide teams with new goals that motivate them to exceed expectations. Staff members who are able to deliver outstanding service help to create an engaged customer base that contributes to strong revenue growth.

Management tools such as incentive programs can galvanize employees during a critical time of year. The National Retail Federation estimated that the holiday shopping season accounts for 20 percent of total retail transactions in the United States each year. Companies that take steps to engage their workers could see a strong boost in customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

There are a number of different strategies that companies can use with employee incentive programs. One trend that has gained popularity is gamification. These programs use games, contests and performance benchmarks to motivate workers to achieve higher levels of success. Staff members can earn recognition and rewards based on their performance to provide continual reminders about their accomplishments. Using public recognition and positive reinforcement can help managers keep team members moving along the path to success. Acknowledging individuals who have gone the extra mile to assist customers or complete sales will encourage similar efforts in the future.

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