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Even with apps, call centers remain vital for customer satisfaction

Companies have been trying to enhance customer service by offering a wide variety of apps and self-service programs.

Companies have been trying to enhance customer service by offering a wide variety of apps and self-service programs. These tools have allowed clients to receive information and get their questions answered through new channels, which is providing greater convenience. However, there are many situations in which consumers prefer to speak to a live representative, which continues to make the call center vital for customer satisfaction.

Tnooz reported that the travel industry is one sector that heavily depends on contact centers to serve their patrons. People who are vacationing in new cities or going on business trips often have questions that are difficult for automated booking services to anticipate. For location specific questions, most people would prefer to speak with a live representative. In fact, 68 percent of mobile users said that having the option to call to purchase hotel rooms was important to them, according to a survey by Ipsos.

Engaging workers to deliver better service
Call center employees need to be properly prepared to help customers, but they also need to have the right attitude. Having a highly engaged staff will let businesses present positive brand images to their audiences, but working in a contact center can be extremely repetitive and frustrating. Employees often have to deal with upset callers, but they need to remain positive to deliver the best service possible. Fortunately, call center incentive programs can help keep individuals motivated and give them the skills that are essential to creating strong customer experiences. 

Every industry depends on contact centers to boost revenue. In Gallup's blog, Lee Clayton stated that the call center provides banks with numerous opportunities to cross-sell products or upgrade clients to new services. This revenue generation depends on having highly trained and engaged workers who know which products will be most useful to callers. Call center incentives can encourage staff members to listen for cross-selling opportunities as they provide employees with additional motivation to deliver the outstanding service that patrons expect.

Delivering quality service is becoming harder as more channels are added. The modern contact center employee needs to know how to connect with clients through mobile, email and social media. In many cases, consumers use multiple channels during a single transaction. The Ipsos survey found that 30 percent of mobile shoppers will call a hotel before booking. This creates additional challenges to delivering seamless transitions between platforms. Reward and recognition programs can help highlight the skills required to manage clients in each service channel. The initiatives will help to engage workers, keeping them happy and motivated to provide excellent serve regardless of the challenges.

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