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Improving employee development programs with rewards and recognition

Preparing staff members for leadership roles can be very challenging as there are a variety of skills to master. Recognition programs can be used to note when individuals have learned certain lessons.

Every organization strives to find the leaders that will keep it moving forward. Good management can help companies reduce waste, increase efficiency and maximize employee potential. However, the qualities of an effective executive are difficult to find.

Fender Bender stated that developing management training programs can help businesses achieve long-term success. The process lets workers see a potential career path and allows them to find fulfillment in their assignments, which boosts engagement levels and contributes to higher morale and better performance.

Because firms are able to retain top performers, they spend less money on training and onboarding of new recruits. However, promoting employees internally does require management to properly prepare and train team members to take on new roles and challenges. Employee rewards and recognition programs can help with this process by highlighting expectations and establishing increasingly difficult objectives. The source noted that preparing staff members for leadership roles can be very difficult as there are a variety of skills to master. Recognition programs can be used to note when individuals have learned certain lessons.

"If someone takes time to do these things on their own without their boss telling them to do it, that's a good signal that they understand time management and organization is important," management consultant Sabrina Clark told the source.

Use recognition programs to offer feedback
Acknowledging these accomplishments lets workers know that their efforts and self improvement have been noticed. This form of feedback is vital to any employee development process. Companies often make the mistake of waiting too long to recognize when workers have done a good job. Fast Company noted that the annual review process could be improved with more direct and honest feedback.

Paul English, cofounder of Kayak.com, told the source that the review process is essential to employee development and creating a cohesive culture, but management can only offer guidance.

"Each person is in charge of his or her own career," English said. "They can decide for themselves whether they agree with me. Whether they want to act on it, that's up to them."

Employee reward and recognition programs remove subjectivity from performance reviews and skill development by establishing specific benchmarks. When these objectives are met, workers and their supervisors know that there has been progress toward long-term career goals. This process creates a simple straightforward path for individuals to follow.

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