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Use reward and recognition programs to inspire workers

There are steps that organizations can take to inspire workers. Employee reward recognition programs are valuable tools for motivating and energizing workers.

The American workforce has been under increased pressure to perform and help their companies remain competitive. Unfortunately, they lack the energy and passion necessary to see significant improvement in efficiency and productivity, according to Bloomberg.

The source cited a Gallup survey that showed just 30 percent of workers are inspired by their jobs. This has contributed to low levels employee engagement as businesses continue to rely on outdated staff management strategies.

"We're facing increasing challenges, and we don't have a workforce equipped for it," John Hagel, co-director of Deloitte Consulting's Center for the Edge, told the source.

There are steps that organizations can take to inspire workers. Employee reward recognition programs are valuable tools for motivating and energizing workers as these initiatives can be used to create a comprehensive culture capable of encouraging passion among staff members. Healthcare IT News reported that engagement programs should promote strong values. Recognizing employees who exemplify honesty, integrity, compassion and other positive traits can have a significant influence on company culture.

"Our values are the foundation of our purpose and an expression of our true selves," Trevor Wilson, a human resources strategist, told the source. "Employees who are both able to demonstrate their values at work, and rewarded for doing so, having a greater sense of purpose."

Personalize performance goals to boost engagement
It is the sense of purpose that will inspire individuals to learn new skills and take on additional challenges. Personal growth is a positive sign that team members are engaged in their roles and are motivated to help their organizations succeed. This makes it essential that managers understand their staff. Collecting feedback and conducting surveys can help leaders adjust reward and recognition programs to make them more effective. Healthcare IT News noted that performance evaluations can help identify individuals' strengths, interests and goals, which can then be used to tailor management strategies.

Personalization is a valuable tool for inspiring passion among front-line workers. Entrepreneur Magazine stated that giving employees additional control over their performance can help increase engagement. The source suggested allowing workers to craft their own goals and give them control on how to meet those objectives. This does not mean that managers get to sit back and ignore team development. Instead, these goals should be regularly reviewed and measured to ensure that employees are making the improvements needed to succeed.

The right tools can help managers measure goals in real time and reward individuals who achieve benchmarks. Success can inspire workers, allowing them to become more passionate about assignments and their performance.

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