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Create ‘intrapreneurs​’ with employee incentive programs

Companies are struggling to engage their workers and create a meaningful environment in which staff members' creativity and insights can be used to enhance organizational performance.

Companies are struggling to engage their workers and create a meaningful environment in which staff members' creativity and insights can be used to enhance organizational performance.

A poll by Gallup found that 70 percent of American employees are mostly or entirely disengaged by their work, supervisors and offices, Fast Company reported. High levels of disinterested staff members can lead to a decline in product quality, customer satisfaction and other factors that contribute to long-term corporate success.

The challenge for many firms is delivering meaningful and personalized programs that motivate workers to accomplish new objectives for themselves and their organizations. Employee incentive programs give executives the tools to inspire their workforce by recognizing top performers and tracking overall performance. These initiatives can be tied to specific objectives, such as increasing sales or reducing defective products, but they can also be used to accomplish more general goals that can alter company culture.

Forbes stated that while engaging employees would improve performance, having 'intrapreneurs​' in-house would contribute to sustained growth. Intrapreneurs are committed to the success of their organizations, taking the initiative to solve common problems. The source noted that when firms look to go beyond simple engagement, they can develop leaders at every level who are able to shape company culture and inspire other staff members to become more involved in their firms' success. 

Improving company culture to build intrapreneurs
To move workers from engaged to being intrapreneurs, businesses need to build the right environment, the source reported. Employee incentive programs are great tools for recognizing creative solutions. When an individual makes a significant contribution to a project or adds value with cost-cutting suggestions, organizations should acknowledge these efforts publicly. This can encourage other team members to make suggestions or implement new ideas.

For the incentive programs to significantly change company culture, they require participation from all levels of an organization. Fast Company reported that each department and supervisor needs to be active in soliciting ideas and getting feedback from employees. When suggestions are implemented, businesses should actively show how these efforts are the result of individuals' creativity. Recognition programs can be used to publicly announce how employee input has been used to make a difference. This lets each worker know that their contributions are valued.

Company-wide incentives can be difficult to manage without the right tools. Firms should aim to personalize rewards to generate excitement about programs. The wrong rewards can be harmful to a program's success. Fortunately, Xceleration assists organizations in establishing incentive programs with industry experience and technical support that gets initiatives up and running quickly.

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