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Train employees for success

Companies are finding ways, such as through rewards and incentives programs, to fight back, keep staff members motivated and acknowledge their hard work.

Employee engagement is difficult to manage. Every day workers are faced with numerous distractions and disruptions, hampering their productivity and focus. In fact, a recent Workplace Productivity study revealed the top factors that can throw employees off track, including surfing the Web (44 percent), socializing with coworkers (23.4 percent), spacing out (3.9 percent) and even applying for other jobs (1.3 percent), BizCommunity reported.

However, companies are finding ways, such as through rewards and incentives programs, to fight back, keep staff members motivated and acknowledge their hard work.

Battle inefficiency by demonstrating value      
According to the source, the average worker wastes three hours out of every 8-hour working day. Cutting down on such inefficiency and relative lack of of productivity can help many businesses boost their bottom lines as well as their advantage over competitors.

One strategy being used to recharge employees is showing them and others how much they are valued as part of the the firm, the news source wrote. This has the benefit of cutting down on churn as well as wasted labor expenses. To demonstrate value, companies need to first really get to know their employees' social skills and attitudes so that they can tailor rewards to each individual.

Sometimes, recognizing an entire group can be both a reward and another way to bring the company closer together. For example, some businesses use retreats to accomplish this.

"A corporate training day away from the workplace is a great way to improve team work and encourage new ideas and business solutions for the benefit of the whole organization," BizCommunity explained. "Moreover, showing a commitment to staff development will improve recruitment prospects as well as retention of existing employees."

This reward can recognize both small and large efforts as well as behaviors – making sure staff members understand their work and dedication are noticed is the key.

Education the key to unlocking productivity?
Forbes asserted that one of the best ways businesses can fight unproductive employees is by having comprehensive training programs in place that help staff members be effective in their positions. This not only enables workers to perform at a higher level, but it will also boost business success

If firms do not know where to start in implementing successful rewards programs, they may want to consider turning to a professional service, which has the knowledge and experience to ensure they see results.

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