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Promote social media use with call center incentive programs

Social media networks allow businesses to proactively engage potential customers at any time.

Social media networks allow businesses to proactively engage potential customers at any time. The channel has become increasingly popular over the past few years, resulting in organizations dedicating more time and resources to maintaining online conversations.

While business owners may be very keen on social media, their employees often have different feelings about it. Incentive Magazine noted that some workers are frustrated by the inclusion of Twitter and Facebook in their daily lives, particularly when it comes to their jobs. This can make it difficult for firms to ensure that the channels are being used effectively to improve customer experiences.

The source stated that call center incentive programs are a good way to promote the use of social media and other new technologies within contact centers. By rewarding individuals who have had meaningful online conversations with clients, merchants can highlight the importance of integrating social media into customer service strategies. Incentive programs can be used to establish clear expectations for staff and boost patron satisfaction.

The key to creating a successful online brand is to have highly engaged workers. Staff members who are excited about their jobs are often willing to promote their companies and respond quickly to customer inquiries through digital channels. This generates a better experience for consumers and can also encourage additional spending. The Forum reported that a 10 percent rise in employee engagement correlated with a 22 percent jump in customer spending.

Reward and recognition programs are an effective way to increase engagement among workers. Acknowledging hard work and dedication shows everyone that their efforts are being noticed and can inspire people to perform their best. Recognition is a simple way to encourage specific behavior, such as incorporating more social media into daily activities. The praise an individual receives inspires everyone to work harder and follow the best practices promoted by a company.

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