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Social media allowing firms to boost engagement levels

Companies with a high level of disengaged workers often struggle to remain competitive.

Companies with a high level of disengaged workers often struggle to remain competitive. These employees typically work fewer hours and are less productive than staff members who are actively engaged in their jobs.

Businesses in every industry strive to create supportive and challenging environments to boost employee motivation. However, a 2008 Gallup poll found that more than half of American workers were not engaged by their assignments. A whitepaper by Human Capital Institute estimated that the U.S. economy loses as much as $350 billion per year as a result of accidents, theft and reduced efficiency due to disengaged staff members.

Fortunately, technology is giving organizations the tools they need to connect with their personnel. Employee rewards programs are an effective way to increase staff member engagement. These initiatives create clear goals that challenges team members and provides encouragement when these objectives are achieved. The competition generated by reward programs often motivate individuals to reach higher levels of success and can be used to improve their performance by focusing their efforts on specific goals.

Reward programs have changed significantly over the years and now include more social media aspects. Companies commonly turn to social networks to cultivate long-term relationships with consumers, and Incentive Magazine stated these tools are also effective at engaging workers.

Incorporating social media into employee incentive programs increases awareness of corporate values and goals, according to the source. Wellness programs, training initiatives and other employee management programs can be easily promoted through social networks. This can boost participation and lead to better results. Younger workers are particularly attracted to the use of social platforms that allow them to share information, experiences and photos to connect with coworkers. However, the source noted that these programs were effective in reaching older generations as well.

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