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Companies using technology to meet customer expectations

Most merchants understand that a positive customer experience will increase revenue and lead to high retention rates.

Most merchants understand that a positive customer experience will increase revenue and lead to high retention rates. Being able to provide a meaningful purchasing process or resolving problems quickly and professionally will encourage customers to make repeat sales and recommend a specific brand to their family and friends.

The principle of quality customer service applies to both physical and virtual storefronts, but each channel comes with its own unique challenges. ABC reported that online channels have a much smaller window of opportunity than in-store sales and this is because consumers expect a high level of convenience when using mobile and other digital channels. Citing research by Forrester, the source stated that 40 percent of online shoppers will wait just three seconds for a page to load before abandoning the site.

To boost revenue and keep customers happy, businesses need to address technical issues and provide fast, professional service. Part of adding convenience to online shopping experiences is delivering assistance in a timely manner. Many firms are integrating social media tools, live chat programs and even video conferencing into call center initiatives to improve the level of services available to online shoppers. Call center incentive programs give managers the tools needed to keep response times to a minimum regardless of the channel.

Creating a more personalized sales process
Rewarding teams for reducing response times on social media posts and other digital inquiries could motivate staff members to boost their efforts to address patrons' questions. Tracking company performance in key metrics such as wait times could help identify areas where improvements need to be made. In some cases, organizations may find that employees need better access to information in order to meet customer expectations. Forbes reported that personalization is a vital aspect of building a loyal following. Being able to offer customized information based on past purchases and other data will create a more engaging online experience for potential buyers.

Personalization is also essential for letting call center employees do their job. Relevant information helps customer service agents identify the cause of a problem more effectively. This reduces frustration, leading to a more satisfying experience. Forbes noted that mobile and social media tools are capable of collecting customer data from throughout the sales process. These programs could remove some of the guesswork required to resolve issues and help sales staff anticipate certain questions. Being able to personalize messages can boost customer satisfaction and generate additional brand loyalty.

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