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Companies go green with employee incentive programs

Companies are increasingly using employee incentive programs to improve staff performance, efficiency and engagement.

Companies are increasingly using employee incentive programs to improve staff performance, efficiency and engagement. Businesses have successfully implemented changes to everything from production technique to customer service initiatives with the tools provided by reward programs.

Now, a trend is emerging – organizations using rewards to encourage green behavior. Employee Benefits reported that businesses are implementing incentives to promote sustainable practices among staff members. Green business practices provide a number of benefits for organizations. Firms build positive reputations among their local communities and customers while also reducing waste and lowering energy costs. Many environmentally-friendly projects require commitment from employees to see significant benefits and reward programs provide the tools to promote a sustainable culture.

"As an internal communications tool, it offers real benefits to organizations that want to engage staff in sustainability initiatives," John Twitchen, executive director at Copper Consultancy, told the source.  "And of course, it's good for business; saving resources saves money."

The source noted that some businesses are including wellness initiatives within their green reward programs to expand their projects' scope. Workers could earn rewards by biking to work or improving their personal fitness levels. The idea is to create a culture of sustainability and healthy living that engages employees and makes them feel more connected to their companies.

The Globe and Mail stated that reward and recognition programs are an effective way to improve coordination and communication throughout organizations. Recycling initiatives need participation from every department, and motivating workers to take part in programs builds the connections necessary for other tasks. 

Public recognition of various efforts also helps to engage staff members. The newspaper noted that acknowledging individuals' contributions builds a stronger culture that can guide future initiatives. The result is an agile and resilient workforce capable of overcoming obstacles and implementing significant change in a short time.

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