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Help your workers overcome change with employee reward programs

Employee incentive programs can help firms alter the way they conduct even the most basic activities.

To remain successful over the long-term, businesses need to continually adapt to new situations. New products, marketing campaigns and distribution strategies may need to be developed to maintain revenue in volatile markets. Similarly, firms are increasingly relying on new technology to become more efficient and profitable. All of these changes require employees to alter the way they conduct their daily activities.

Dealing with change can be difficult for some people. Many individuals may resist trying new procedures due to fear, nervousness or a lack of understanding. Inc Magazine stated that there are various types of people that resist change and each one creates challenges for companies trying to adapt to market demands. Fortunately, employee incentive programs can help firms alter the way they conduct even the most basic activities.

Set a path for employees to follow
Incentives provide additional motivation for workers to try new things. This is an essential step to shifting the way goods are manufactured, information is processed and other services are offered. In his book Drive, Daniel Pink stated that leaders need to set a path for employees to follow when trying to create change. Rewarding small successes early on will help highlight the importance of undertaking new procedures and will encourage more workers to adopt new practices.

Managers should anticipate some pushback from employees about the changes being implemented. Once staff members become entrenched in a routine, it can be difficult to get them to break their habits and try new activities. A series of small rewards at the start of any big project can motivate workers to keep following policies, particularly if procedures are very different or challenging.

Help employees understand the reason for changing
One reason that many staff members resist change is they do not fully understand why it is necessary. Recognition programs are a simple way to explain the benefits of new procedures. Publicly acknowledging how much money a new sales technique has brought in or how a new CRM platform improved customer service will help employees understand the benefits of the programs.

Change is always difficult and there may be setbacks early in the process. Once individuals see the direct impact their activities have on the end result, they are more willing to stick with the change. Reward initiatives are extremely helpful in preventing workers from sliding back into old habits. Establishing incremental goals and recognizing early successes can help businesses in every sector implement change and become a flexible, agile corporation.

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