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Data capture tools help firms deliver personalized customer service

Businesses can utilize employee reward programs to ensure they are providing the best possible customer experiences.

Businesses in every industry are looking to improve their customer loyalty programs and boost their revenue by providing more personalized services. To accomplish this, organizations need the ability to capture, retain and analyze consumer data to identify potential trends and preferences. Increasingly, this means investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Forbes reported that there will be a significant jump in spending on CRM platforms over the next few years. Citing research by Gartner, the source noted that the global market is expected to grow to $36.5 billion by 2017, up from $30.4 billion this year. CRM systems give organizations the tools needed to monitor client behavior. This data can be used to gain insights into channel preferences, improve timing of promotions and develop more personalized services. However, accurately leveraging the information captured through interactions depends on having highly trained and knowledgeable workers.

"Today's knowledge worker needs the ability to quickly find and utilize customer information in order to deliver the best possible customer experience," Colosa CEO Brian Reale told News Factor.

Training employees to use insights gained from CRM systems
Fortunately, businesses can utilize employee reward programs to ensure they are providing the best possible customer experiences. Incentive programs give managers the authority to recognize workers who have gone out of their way to provide exceptional service to customers. Taking the time to publicly acknowledge top performers can inspire everyone to try a little harder. This strategy enables firms to set clear and specific examples about what is expected from each staff member, which can improve employee development.

A growing number of CRM platforms collect information from multiple channels. 1to1 Media reported that social media will become an essential part of customer service strategies as consumers spend more time online. While CRM systems are able to capture data from social networks, businesses still need personnel able to effectively interact with consumers through this medium. Reward and recognition programs are a simple way to encourage staff members to participate in online discussions and deliver more engaging Web experiences. 

Effective management strategies help businesses leverage technology more productively. Reward programs are a straightforward way to encourage specific behavior. These tools can be used to offer multichannel experiences or train staff to utilize customer information to create customized interactions. Continually delivering outstanding service depends on having an energetic and engaged workforce. Incentive programs provide motivation by showing that hard work is noticed and appreciated.

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